Openview Yoga

With Keri Sawyer

Openview Yoga with Keri Sawyer 

Keri Sawyer is a licensed Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) trainer and facilitator with the Center for Trauma and Embodiment in Boston, MA and is a registered 500 hour Yoga teacher in Alignment Yoga. Her main focus is to provide TCTSY to trauma survivors of all ages, train yoga teachers and health care workers, and to provide research based information and trauma informed treatment practices to the therapeutic world. She oversees the implementation of TCTSY into therapeutic models in clinical and residential treatment programs across the country along with agency trainings and regular consultation for therapists and yoga teachers. Keri started her work facilitating yoga to traumatized adolescents in a therapeutic wilderness program and has since expanded to facilitate TCTSY to adults, adolescents, and pre teen populations in different settings.  Her passion is to provide an opportunity for survivors of trauma to have an authentic experience with a safe and predicable felt sense of their body along with spreading awareness of trauma informed practices. 

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Keri provides Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Alignment yoga Information, Workshops, Classes and Private sessions.