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Trauma Sensitive Yoga Foundations 

The only empirically validated yoga-based practice included in the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP 2017).


Trauma Sensitive Yoga Foundations  

The 20-hour training, 14 hours on Zoom or in person and 6 hours of self-study, is designed for social workers, mental health clinicians, yoga teachers, educators, and health care professionals, etc who are looking to deepen their understanding of the whole-system impact of complex Trauma.


The course will emphasize the core components of the practice and process of Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga and will provide specific tools to support participants to facilitate trauma-sensitive movement and breath practices that are vital to the healing process. Through developing an understanding of complex trauma, attachment theory, and the neuroscience underpinning the TCTSY methodology participants gain skills that support healing from long-term trauma. Participants will learn to foster this anti-oppressive approach to healing through a trauma-informed lens. Group lectures, practice through movement and breath as well as group practicum will be offered.

This training can be used as a prerequisite for the Center for Trauma and Embodiment 

 300-hour certificate program.

You will gain

  • The practice and process of Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga
  • Learning to facilitate trauma-sensitive movement and breath practices ​
  • Knowledge of stress, chronic stress, and trauma and the impact on the body and nervous system.
  • An understanding of how using body-based movement can work to intervene and interrupt the impacts of trauma on the nervous system.
  • An understanding of Complex Trauma, Attachment Theory, and Neuroscience
  • How to foster an anti-oppressive approach through a trauma-informed lens
  • How to work with relational challenges
  • Trauma Sensitive breathing practices
  • Practicum offered in small groups


Continuing Education Credits Offered:

Yoga Alliance, 20 CEUs


Massage Therapists, 4 self care credits (Application in)

Sometimes participants contact their professional board and request credits, we are happy to provide any information to you to help you make that possible. 

What People Are Saying About The Training

The content and delivery of this training was well presented and thorough. It is a must for anyone looking to expand their trauma practice. 

Highly Informative, Well organized training that is a benefit to yoga teachers, those in counseling or other fields who wish to be better informed and of assistance of those who have experienced trauma. 

Concrete, Clear and thorough psycho-education around trauma and trauma sensitive yoga techniques. Great level of support and practice offered. 

This training is an excellent choice for therapists, you do not need yoga a foundation in yoga to be able to use the skills learned with your clients as a somatic for of treatment.

This course gave me tools to think creatively about how to incorporated the principles of TCTSY into my setting. I feel like I now have a greater awareness of and understand of how to empower those who have survived trauma. 

This course is well worth your time. I have done yoga and have taught yoga for years and this is an investment. There is a lot of valuable information and I feel equipped to include trauma sensitive content into my yoga classes. 


I recommend this training o any therapist who feels stuck utilizing traditional cognitive approaches when working with clients who have a history of complex trauma and are looking to implement more body-based / somatic interventions. 


I would recommend that anyone wishing to teach yoga at least go through this course as a way to be more aware and informed of how powerful our words, sequences and space that we create are for people. There is so much in this course that I didn't learn in my yoga training. 

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Foundation Dates

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Foundations (16).png

Jan 20 & 21 Foundations Training
Sat & Sun 8am - 4pm PST, One hour lunch

Dec 8, 9,10 Foundations Training
Friday 5:30pm - 8:30pm PDT
Sat 8am - 3pm PDT, One hour lunch
Sun 8am - 1pm PDT

Feb 24 & 25 Foundations Training 
Sat 8am-4pm & Sun 8am-4pm PST

Up Coming Foundations Dates : Registration not yet open

April 5th, 6th, 7th 

May 3rd, 4th 

Yoga Class


About the Trainer

Keri Sawyer E-RYT 500, YACEP, TCTSY Licensed Trainer 

Keri Sawyer, owner of Openview Yoga, has over a decade of experience facilitating movement and breath practices, embodiment, and trauma informed practices. She is a seasoned speaker and facilitator who has trained thousands of people as an experienced 500 hour yoga teacher and licensed Trainer with the Center for Trauma and Embodiment in Boston. Keri provides Trauma Sensitive yoga to trauma survivors of all ages, facilitates trainings for yoga teachers and healthcare workers, and provides research-based information and trauma-informed treatment practices to the therapeutic world. She oversees the implementation of of trauma informed practices into therapeutic models in clinical and residential treatment programs across the country along with agency trainings and regular consultation for mental health clinicians, therapists, nurses, massage therapists, yoga teachers and more. Her passion is to provide an opportunity for survivors of trauma to have an authentic experience with a safe and predictable felt sense of their body along with spreading awareness of trauma-informed practices. 


What Participants Are Saying About Keri  

Keri is a great presenter and a master teacher. It is evident she cares about her clients and believes deeply in this modality. She is attentive to questions and knowledgeable. Very Enriching. 

Keri is extremely knowledgeable and does an excellent job translating her clinical knowledge into a lecture format in a way that is engaging, inspiring and easy to understand even if you do not have a background as a yoga teacher. 


Keri was gentle and wise, I had a good sense she knows her stuff but she approached the group and material with a lot of humility.        

It's been awhile since I learned a lot from training, so this was overall an excellent training. I am a licensed therapist with 10+ years experience and a back ground in C-PTSD and Schizophrenia. Refreshing. 


Keri is great! Awesome presenter and gives very understandable examples on he topics discussed, made things easy to understand.      She is patient and also gives awesome resources for continuing. 


Keri was always able to answer our questions with grace and attention to detail. I felt like I learned so much from her and would easily attend other trainings she offered.


Keri is kind, warm, clear, approachable, knowledgeable and straight forward. I learned a lot from her training. She models TCTSY in a professional and repeatable way. 


Keri was so wonderful through out this weekends session. She leads by example with such a calm demeanor and makes herself available for  further explanations as needed. I enjoyed my time working with and learning from her. 


Keri is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and present as a TCTSY facilitator. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to train with her, and empowering to explore this new modality with her and learn about her approach to teaching TCTSY

Keri was an expert and hosted the training with great skill. She was organized, patient and supportive. 


Would you like to host this training at your studio or agency? Contact Keri 

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