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Community Consult 

Aug 5th Online

Consult group includes a 2-hour mat-based Trauma Sensitive Yoga practice led by Keri Sawyer, question/answer period, consult around challenges, personal modality questions & practice 


Individual Consultation for TCTSY Modality 

Individual consultation is for mental health professionals, yoga instructors, educators etc. who have completed either a 20 hour or a 40-hour Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training. Modality consultation includes:

  • Practice video feedback to gain overall awareness and facilitation advancement 
  • Question / Answer on overall trauma sensitive classes or individual sessions
  • Consultation around personal modality challenges 
  • Guidance intertwining the core components and therapeutic goals into facilitation
  • Guidance with facilitator and participant relational challenges

Individual Consultation for Trauma Sensitivity

Consultation for anyone who would like guidance in trauma-sensitive or trauma-informed practices for their sessions, classes, retreats, workshops, and trainings. Guidance ​can be provided in various aspects of working with or facilitating to those who have experienced chronic stress, PTSD, or Trauma including secondary or vicarious trauma. 

Agency Consultation/Training Trauma Sensitive Yoga 

2 day in-person or Online training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga for staff

Agency consultation can include consultation of the TCTSY modality for professionals and also guidance on implementation into your therapeutic program and specific participant population. Consult in creating a TCTSY organizational structure for professionals within the agency is also available. 

Regular Group or indivigual consultation around modality and challenges online or in-person

Please contact Keri Sawyer for more information around agency trainings or consultation. 

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