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July 26 (evening), 27th and 28th. This 20-hour (14 hours via zoom; 6 hours self-study) foundational training will emphasize the core components of the practice of trauma-sensitive yoga, and how those fundamental elements relate to any anti-oppressive and trauma-informed work.  

Designed for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of the whole-system impact of complex trauma (both systemic and interpersonal), this training will review the significant effects of trauma on the brain, body, and relationships, as well as the psychological and neuroscientific underpinnings of the TCTSY model.  Participants may include, but are not limited to, yoga instructors, social workers, mental health clinicians, educators, activists, somatic practitioners and healers, or other health care professionals, as its applications can extend far beyond the yoga mat.

Experiential in design, the training will encourage you to explore your understanding of trauma and the how it impacts the whole of the survivors life. It will emphasize the core components of the practice and process of Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga and will provide specific tools to support participants to facilitate body based movement and breath practices that are vital to the healing process.

Participants will learn how to meet survivors on their healing journey and explore a shared authentic experience of embodiment. Participants will gain a foundational understanding of this empowerment based program that facilitates a present moment experience of safety and predictability. This training is intended to support participants in expanding their current clinical or movement-based practice to incorporate some of the TCTSY methodology, focusing on movements and language that actively share power and agency with practitioners. Group lectures, practice through movement and breath, as well as group practicum will be offered.

There are NO prerequisites to attend this foundational training.  

This training is the primary prerequisite to CFTE's 300-hour TCTSY Certification Program 


Trauma Sensitive Yoga Foundations Online July

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